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Five Ways to Keep Creationism out of Public Schools

Zack Kopplin, a recent guest on Moyers & Company, was shocked in 2008 when Governor Bobby Jindal signed a law that allowed teachers to, as he puts it, “sneak creationism into public school science classes.” At the time, Kopplin was 14 years old.  Read more …


Paying For Prejudice: Georgia Tax-Credit Program Subsidizes Anti-Gay Bias

The Peach State has adopted a program that has also popped up in other states: Individuals and corporations donate money to non-profit groups that in turn grant “scholarships” (a euphemism for vouchers) for tuition at religious and other private schools. The individual or person then receives a large tax credit for the donation.

The Southern Education Foundation recently issued a report noting that at least 115 religious schools in Georgia have policies that are anti-gay. Read more …

Barry Lynn in Columbia, SC, Saturday, Jan 26

When:        6:00 pm,
Saturday, January 26
Where:       Unitarian Universalist
Congregation, 2701 Heyward Street, (corner of Heyward
and Woodrow Streets in Shandon), Columbia, SC

Barry Lynn, the Executive Director of Americans United for
Separation of Church & State, will be our guest speak at our Columbia
chapter quarterly meeting in January. 

Three 800-Pound Gorillas Enter the Church-State Arena: And It’s
No Joke

If you want to join the carpool from Augusta, contact us.