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This page contains information about issues the chapter is following in the Georgia legislature and the chapter’s lobbying efforts.

“Protect Religious Freedom” lobby day, Tuesday, March 18, 2015, 9am. Read this e-mail from the ACLU of Georgia for details on where to park and which room.

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“Religious Freedom” bills

SB 129 did pass the Senate, and, if the House of Representatives approves it, could be become law. This is the main focus of our lobbying effort at the moment.


One victory this session was the defeat of Education Scholarship Accounts, HB 243.  Americans United issued an action alert to encourage people to advise their legislators to reject this proposal.

One positive piece of legislation which was not passed was HB 142, which would have prohibited student scholarship organizations funded by tuition tax credits from granting scholarships to students attending schools that discriminate.

Constitutional Amendment Stripping the No-Aid Clause (Vouchers and the Faith-Based Initiative Resolution)

SR 388, had it passed, would have placed on a statewide ballot a referendum to amend the Georgia Constitutional provision that prohibits state funds from going to houses of worship and private religious schools. The goal is twofold. First, this change would allow the state to create a school voucher program. Second, it would allow the state to funnel funds to houses of worship and similar entities to perform social services. Thankfully, this resolution failed to pass the Senate.



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