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What Can You Do to Protect the Johnson Amendment?

The American tax code grants houses of worship and other nonprofits special tax-free status specifically because they work for the common good. The Johnson Amendment, which has been in the tax code for more than 60 years, protects the integrity of these tax-exempt organizations by ensuring they do not endorse or oppose political candidates.


1. Learn more about the Johnson Amendment and the ongoing attempt to weaken it by making it nearly impossible for the Internal Revenue Service to enforce it.

2. Contact your members of Congress and discourage them from weakening it.

3. Join a delegation in visiting the local office(s) of your representative(s). The Central Savannah River Area Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State is attempting to meet with staffers at the local offices of the representatives of GA-12 (Rick Allen, Augusta), GA-10 (Jody Hice, Thomson), SC-2 (Joe Wilson, Aiken) and GA-2 (Sanford Bishop, Macon). If you would consider being part of a delegation, call or text Ayman Fadel at (706) 284-3002.


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