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Sun, Jan 24, 3pm: Teaching History in Public Schools: What if the teacher has histlexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. Histlexia is a disconnect between historical learning and application. 

Free public lecture by Dr. Juan Walker, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Augusta University

 Sunday, Jan 24, 3 pm, basement, Evans Library, 7022 Evans Town Ctr Blvd

Teaching in the twenty-first century demands that educators be prepared on a variety of topics, which is largely informed by the diversity of students and technological advances. Dr. Walker teaches social studies methods and curriculum and serves as the secondary program coordinator. His research interests include inquiry learning methodology and social justice integration in social studies. Dr. Walker, as recipient of the “Waynesburg University Teaching with Primary Sources” grant, produces professional development seminars for teachers in the Augusta area and lectures on topics ranging from meeting the demands of the new C3 Framework to the new Georgia Milestone testing system.  He has presented at national educational research conferences and is committed to improving the educational experiences for all students. 

As a certified secondary education teacher, he incorporates innovative technology and online learning resources in all of his classes. He works closely with K-12 educators to ensure that Augusta University’s teacher preparation program is meeting area partner schools’ expectations. He has revised several courses in the secondary program to prepare teacher candidates for the edTPA. He had a 100% edTPA & GACE pass rate for secondary education in the fall of 2014. 

Dr. Walker has also been invited by the Department of Political Science to build and design a Model U.N. curriculum for middle schools throughout Georgia. He was also awarded the Core Value Award.  This is in recognition for his collegiality and efforts to serve Augusta University and our community. He also serves on the Georgia Performance Standards Social Studies committee for elementary grades.

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