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Georgia 2015 Legislature Considers Faux “Religious Freedom” Bills & Continued Diversion of Taxes to Private Religious Schools

The Georgia Legislature is considering a wide variety of legislation this year. The Central Savannah River Area Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State is traveling to Atlanta on March 18, 2015 to lobby. If you are willing to spend a day in Atlanta for this purpose, fill out this form and join an e-mail list for that purpose.


One thought on “Georgia 2015 Legislature Considers Faux “Religious Freedom” Bills & Continued Diversion of Taxes to Private Religious Schools”

  1. Please respect other people’s views and let freedom of expression rein it is a shame that I can get kicked out of my dod job unless I compromise my faith on a daily basis. Do what you do but don’t restrict the freedom of others with policy. Will America be better if you agenda is universally expressed definitely not. Will a removal of all Christendom from the world benefit it absolutely no. What is a world where an idea is surpressed because of certain individuals offense to it that is tyranny. The erase ing of history or the changing of sound laws or twisting of them because of cultural popularity or because of the views of those in power is tyranny. Suppression of ideas is not a right it is a twisting of a amendment that allows the freedom of practicing a religion. Therefore if I am force to suppress my beliefs and faith and have no way to justify my actions to those around me how is that just. Please reconsider your plans. Your conclusion is wether from hate or ignorance is in fact an attack on the liberties of this great nation.


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